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Windlesham Parish Council Tree Maintenance

Windlesham Parish Council has recently undertaken an independent survey of all the significant trees within Parish ownership to determine their current health and safety and to form the basis for a long-term management plan. Whilst the survey highlighted that most of the trees are in generally good health, a relatively small number of trees have not surprisingly been identified as being either diseased, dying or potentially hazardous.

These trees required urgent attention and over the last 8 weeks works have taken place involving removal of deadwood from some trees, crown reduction work and where necessary, felling of trees. Work will continue for a few more weeks.

One area in particular where work is required is Windlesham cemetery, where several large and over mature trees will need to be removed in the interest of public safety. The Parish Council recognises that this will significantly alter the landscape of the site and has taken this as an opportunity to not only manage the tree stock at the cemetery and other locations, but also to start to formulate a longer-term plan to enhance the landscape of the area with trees suitable for the location and to provide continuity of tree cover for the future. The introduction of native species as well as some ornamentals will diversify the landscape but maintain the character and environmental benefits provided by trees, some of which will have fastigiate forms that will not outgrow their location and require costly maintenance works.

Work in the cemetery is scheduled to begin on 20th November and last for 2 weeks. It will be carried out with the least amount of disruption possible, but during this time people visiting the cemetery or church are asked to observe any safety barriers erected for the purpose of the work and to be extra vigilant. We will not be allowing any burials or interments to take place during this period in order to minimise the number of people coming to the site whilst the work is carried out.

Whilst replanting will not take place straight away, the Parish Council will work on a replanting programme suitable for the landscape and will notify residents of this work at the appropriate time.

If residents have any queries regarding the tree work taking place, they can contact the Clerk to the Council at the Parish Council Office on 01276 471675 or by email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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