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Esso Pipeline Update

Published: 10 January 2022

Surrey Heath Borough - Installation Update Issue Date: December 2021

For the latest information about installation of the replacement pipeline, please visit www.slpproject.co.uk.

Current activity

• Construction of a compound at Turf Hill (5E) - for staff welfare units and the safe storage of materials,

• vegetation clearance and the construction of a compound off of Halebourne Lane (5F), and

• compound in use off Windsor Road (5G).

Works in Chobham Common

• Installation of two trenchless crossings,

• use of two compounds supporting installation works, and

• improvement works are being done on the access track. Upcoming works From January 2022, vegetation clearance is due to take place,

• at SC Johnson Land,

• from Windlesham Road to Steep Hill,

• at Turf Hill,

• from Blackstroud Lane East to Halebourne Lane,

• at Frith Hill, and

• at Colony Bog & Bagshot Heath, and,

• trenchless crossing pipe installation under Windlesham Road,

• trenchless crossing pipe installation under Halebourne Lane,

• open-cut pipe installation between Halebourne Lane and Windlesham Road, and

• open-cut installation from Windlesham Road to Steep Hill.


Telephone: 01276 471675

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